Project Scope
Components of the Project
The project has the following five components:
Primary prevention, Public awareness & Education
Early Cancer Detection Centres
Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital
Home and Palliative Care Services
Research Centre
Primary prevention, Public awareness & Education
One third of all cancers can be prevented, one third can be cured and the rest incurable cancer patients can be kept symptom free. There is a lack of awareness among the people about the various aspects of cancer e.g. causes, symptoms and its prevention, control and treatment. The awareness/ education programme will be directed to –
create awareness among the people about cancer.
educate the people about the various ways of prevention of common cancers.
disseminate information about the facilities available for the treatment of cancer.
bring forward Ahsania Mission’s anti-smoking drive and EIC materials production programme.
Early Cancer Detection Centres
There was a time when cancers were considered beyond any cure. But it is now known that cancer is curable if detected at an early stage. The project therefore envisages the establishment of six Early Cancer Detection Centres at six Divisional Headquarters of the country for the purpose of -
undertaking investigations for the early detection of cancer
referring cancer patients for treatment to the Cancer Hospital
carry out primary prevention activities
follow up of cancer patients.
The Hospital
The Hospital is the main component of the project. It will be a full-fledged hospital at Uttara, Dhaka with 500 beds and will be run on “no profit no loss” basis. There will be adequate provision (30%) for free service for the poor patients. The Hospital shall-
provide all sorts of treatment to cancer patients.
collaborate, cooperate and keep liaison with national and international institutes, organizations and centers engaged in research, diagnosis and treatment of cancers.
provide higher training for doctors and nurses on cancer related subjects.
Home and Palliative Care Services
Home and Palliative Care Services will be organized to-
Extend service to those patients who do not need to stay in the hospital for long for intensive care.
Treat the terminal cases in the home atmosphere to get better psychological support.
To keep open the scarce hospital beds for more critical patients.
Research Centre
The Research Centre will undertake research on various aspects of cancer including treatment in collaboration with other research organizations. The Research Centre will-
Undertake research on various aspects of cancer.
Investigate and determine the extent of cancer in Bangladesh.
Undertake research on local herbs and practices which cause, lessen or aggravate cancer.
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