Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka
Building on the ideas of the founder Sufi Saint Hazrat Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (Rahmatullah Alaihee), Dhaka Ahsania Mission embarked on establishing a modern cancer hospital where world-class treatment will be available. Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital is one of major projects to fight cancer in Bangladesh.

Dhaka Ahsania Mission as part of the total project took the initiative in 2001 to open a Cancer detection & Treatment Center at Mirpur, Dhaka. In course of its progress it is now a 42 bed Cancer Hospital with required operation facilities, Chemotherapy, X-Ray and Imaging facilities. A team of experienced and dedicated cancer specialists and general physicians are working there to provide health service at a reasonably low cost.Here free services are offered to poor and ultra - poor patients. In the year 2008 the hospital continues to provide health care services, specially to cancer patients, with some additional facilities.

Ultimately the dream materialized into reality and a plan was made to construct a 500 bed Cancer Hospital at a staggering cost of 2.56 billion taka (US$ 36.97 million). The thirteen story hospital designed by a US based architectural firm "Design Alliance f Bultimore", got started its construction with foundation laid by the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Begum Khaleda Zia, on 10th July 2004 on a 3 acre land at the bank of the river Turag in Uttara Model Town in the Capital. The location is about 5 Km from Zia International Airport and the construction in full gear started on 16th July 2005. This 450,000 square feet 13 storied hospital is expected to open in late 2009 with about 200 inpatient beds, Outpatient department with about 40 Examination/consultation Rooms, Medical Imaging, Pathology, Surgical Suite, Radiotherapy Department, non-interventional Cardiac and Neuro Diagnostics, Day Care and the requisite support services. By 2010 all 500 beds are expected to be operational. At that time, based on beneficial utilization, Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital is projected to provide over 160,000 days of inpatients care and cater to over 180,000 outpatients annually saving approximately US$ 13 million annually. 30% services of the hospital will be available free for the poor patients.

Besides its contribution in education and rural development, DAM is determined to extend its hand in fighting against cancer in Bangladesh. In this poor community DAM cannot avoid the call for support in health sector.

DAM is raising funds from general public as well as from the corporate sector. There are special provisions for potential donors to sponsor sundry components of the hospital. One can donate to have in his/her own name or dear one's name to name a bed/beds, a ward/wards, a cabin/cabins, operation theatres. There are specified rates for each type of dedicated areas of inscription which will be inscribed distinctly as per wish of the donor.

Keeping in line with Dhaka Ahsania Mission's dedication to Divine and Humanitarian services Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital will be a big leap forward to provide service to humanity by redressing the suffering of the ailing patients, especially cancer patients.

International Hospital Group (IHG), a UK based consulting firm with vast experience in medical equipment consultancy has been entrusted with the job to furnish the equipment schedule ie equipments and furniture plan floor and room wise of AMCGH to cater to the need and suitability of the patients and users.

Considering the huge cost of modern quality treatment for cancer and our commitment to provide with poor and needy patients 30% treatment facilities free of cost, deep thought has been given to make Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital a viable and cost-effective project with the motto of 'No-Profit-No-Loss'. Due consideration has also been given to the point that some cancer patients will come with other diseases which will need to be treated at the same hospital for practical reason. Also considering the reality to keep specialist doctors including ambitious and career conscious young doctors there is possibly no other alternative other than opting for building a Medical College in future. In consideration of this vital factors, provision for general treatment facilities have been kept at AMCGH. Moreover, there is a plan to establish a Nursing Institute in future.
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